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Sprayground pack up their troubles with Fullers!

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Fullers Logistics provide a bespoke storage, handling & distribution service to Sprayground which includes goods in, storage, pick, pack and despatch.

Sprayground are a rebel backpack company that have evolved into a high quality, global brand with excellent brand awareness, very dedicated fans and repeat customers, many of whom are collectors. Imported from the USA, the backpacks offer unique custom designs in limited edition quantities. In addition to being sold through the company’s incredibly busy e-commerce website, the brand is also stocked at a shop in Box Park, Shoreditch and is distributed to wholesalers and via events around the UK.

Julie Butler, Director at Sprayground explains, “With a premium brand that strives to keep pushing the envelope of creativity, we needed to find a logistics partner that would be able to seamlessly deal with pick, pack and fulfilment across the multiple channels of our business, so we could focus on customer service and product innovation – that’s when we found Fullers.”

Being a small business in the UK market, Sprayground wanted to find a partner that were interested in what they did and had the capability to and understand their challenges.

“Our previous provider was not in a position to meet our growing demands, and when we came across a problem with a delivery, which was becoming a more frequent occurrence, the process to get this rectified could take a long time which was detrimental to our level of customer service we are able to provide,” Butler explains.

“Also, when looking for a new supplier we felt that some of the large logistics companies would not be able to offer us the level of partnership we desired, and some would only stock our products in a northern location. It was vital for us to have easy access to our stock and ideally wanted it near London, close to our shop in case we needed to replenish stock at short notice.”

Fullers recommended using one of its multi-user warehouse sites in Bordon and configured the space to meet Sprayground’s needs. The multi-user option also provides a flexible storage solution for Sprayground, so they can easily scale when there are spikes in demand and extend the space as the brand grows its presence in the UK.


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