Supporting beauty brands on their sustainability journey

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Supporting beauty brands on their sustainability journey

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Gender neutral beauty, functional fragrance, slugging, gua sha, heatless waves, soap brows, SPF contouring, ingestibles, skin cycling; over recent years more new trends have been popping up across the skincare and haircare care markets than you can shake a lippy at.

One trend that’s not going anywhere…

The beauty industry continues to grow rapidly, outpacing many other sectors in the retail industry, and is now set to be worth around £26.7 billion. But more beauty products means more waste, so one beauty industry ‘trend’ that is becoming a definite mainstay is sustainability.

Fullers Fulfilment stores, picks, packs and dispatches products for ecommerce beauty brands from our sites in Hampshire, Berkshire and Warwickshire. Sustainable beauty fulfilment is a topic we’re certainly having more and more conversations about.

Almost all cosmetic packaging ends up in the bin

It’s reported that 95% of cosmetic packaging is thrown away. Most of this is single use plastic packaging which can take up to 450 years to breakdown in landfill.

Many brands are committing to 100% recyclable packaging by 2025, in line with the UK Plastics Pact. However, it’s not just a sense of corporate responsibility that’s driving the sustainable beauty movement.

Beauty consumers expect sustainable packaging

Consumers are perhaps the most powerful force driving a demand for sustainable beauty packaging solutions, such as:

  • Reusable/refillable containers for cosmetics
  • Recyclable packaging, access to/advice on recycling points, and incentivised recycling schemes
  • Biobased packaging materials, made from renewable raw materials that have a direct or indirect natural origin e.g. bamboo, paper, raw packaging made from agricultural waste
  • Compostable packaging e.g. Eco Flo - 100% biodegradable packing ‘peanuts’ made from non-GM corn starch that are low energy and dissolve in water
  • Packaging-free beauty items

Sustainable beauty brands in the Fullers portfolio

A number of beauty companies with a keen focus on sustainability choose Fullers as their fulfilment partner.


Votary is a plant-based, cruelty free skincare brand that has won awards from Tatler and Get the Gloss. We’re proud to be Votary’s UK fulfilment provider, not just because of these glowing accolades but in support of their commitment to greener packaging.

All Votary outer paper and card packaging is recyclable. Votary box manufacturers are FSC & PEFC certified and support the World Land Trust to offset any emissions produced during manufacture. Products from Votary are contained in glass bottles, packed securely with 100% biodegradable, fully compostable Eco Flo chips. Gifts go out in recyclable shredded paper.


Natural beauty brand Verden sells bath and body care, hand care, home fragrance and haircare made with vegan-friendly ingredients that are 100% cruelty free. Our team of fulfilment experts stores, picks and packs orders for their growing fanbase of ecommerce customers.

Plastic bottles are made from post-consumer recycled PET, boxes are made from recycled card and glass containers are fully recyclable.  Detailed sustainability information is included on the label of every product, giving customers transparency and helping them to recycle appropriately.  One percent of VERDEN sales are contributed to environmental charities via "1% For The Planet".  

Fable & Mane

Plant based hair wellness brand Fable & Mane sells products inspired by its founders’ Indian heritage. Their HoliRoots Hair Oil bottle is made of glass and the shampoo, conditioner and mask packaging is made of PET plastic. They are working towards a refillable packaging scheme.

Fullers has helped Fable & Mane to turn their vegan brand into a worldwide success story featuring sustainable fulfilment. It gives us the feelgood factor to know that the sales from every order help support wildlife conservation projects, environmental preservation and human rights protection across the world.

How Fullers can help your beauty brand with sustainable fulfilment

If you are an ecommerce retailer in the beauty sector, outsource your warehousing, picking ad packing to Fullers and get support with your sustainability objectives.

Count on our knowledgeable fulfilment team for:

  • Secure and scalable warehousing at our energy-efficient sites
  • Automatic pick, pack and dispatch, same day for next day delivery
  • Sourcing and implementation of a variety of sustainable packaging options
  • Ordering of packaging in bulk where possible, to help reduce your brand’s carbon footprint
  • Better rates from a worldwide network of trusted eco-conscious couriers
  • Full systems integration allowing business insights that can guide more efficient fulfilment practices
  • Careful batching and rotation of stock to avoid unnecessary waste
  • Returns processing

A few words from our sustainability champion

Tony Dempsey Profile

Our sustainability champion, Lilla Hovarth, concludes by saying:

“When we source packaging, we always get quotes for the sustainable materials first, including finding budget-friendly options – and never virgin plastics! Clients are encouraged to switch from oil-based plastic packaging towards 100% recyclable choices.

“Fullers is always looking for ways to make fulfilment kinder to the earth.”

Are you an ecommerce beauty retailer with a minimum of 150 orders per month, requiring a fulfilment service to support you on your sustainability journey? Contact Fullers Fulfilment to discuss your needs today..

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