A future beyond fulfilment; a summary of our B1G1 donations in 2023

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A future beyond fulfilment; a summary of our B1G1 donations in 2023

Fullers Fulfilment

At Fullers Fulfilment, we believe that success in business is measured by more than just financial gains. Instead, it encompasses a broader, more profound impact on the world.

The power of purposeful giving

At the core of Fullers lies a commitment to environmental and social responsibility - one that is recognised by Ecovadis, ISO 14001 and the Soil Association for driving meaningful change.

Every year, we embrace this philosophy by aligning our efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as outlined by B1G1 Business for Good. Founded in 2007, B1G1 provides businesses with a structure for donating to various charitable initiatives that tackle human rights and environmental protection. The organisation believes that every business transaction should simultaneously result in an impact made in the world - a philosophy that we at Fullers Fulfilment share.

B1G1 1 1

As of November 2023, we’ve contributed over 14,000 impacts across 11 SDGs to support a range of worthy causes, including gender equality, decent work and economic growth, clean energy, quality education and more.

To take a closer look at the specific SDGs our B1G1 donations have supported in 2023, read on.

Gender equality, decent work and economic growth; empowering women across borders

Our commitment to gender equality has helped empower women in Bolivia and Burundi. In Bolivia, our donations provided women with business skills training and access to financial services. These efforts support women to create their own sustainable businesses. Similarly, in Burundi, our charitable funding has helped marginalised women create independent Savings Groups.

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No poverty and quality education; breaking the cycle through schooling

We're on a mission to break the cycle of poverty, dividing our efforts across continents. This year alone, we're proud to have funded 415 days of education for children in India and Kenya. More than just a number, these contributions represent our steadfast dedication to ensuring everyone has equal opportunities.

In Malawi, a region grappling with the challenges of poverty and limited educational access, our donations have helped to provide business training programmes for women. Additionally, in Kenya, we’ve donated to initiatives that fund secondary school education. Our contributions here have helped young people to achieve a brighter future.

Climate action; global tree planting

In Spring, we extended our dedication to preserving biodiversity and combating climate change. With our donation to B1G1 Business For Good’s global tree planting initiative, we contributed to a tree planting campaign which will help save endangered orangutans in Indonesia.

Clean water and sanitation; ensuring access to vital resources

In Ethiopia, we donated to B1G1’s clean water campaign. In a nation where more than 97 million people are unable to practise proper sanitation, our support will help reduce the child mortality rate from water-borne diseases. It will also alleviate the burden of water collection for young girls, freeing up valuable time that can be invested back into their education.

B1G1 3

Life on land; sustainable agriculture

In Kenya and Indonesia, we've strengthened our commitment to sustainable agriculture. Through our ongoing support, Fullers has already made a positive impact of 1,366 contributions towards SDGs Life on Land.

We’ve helped Kenyan farmers run beekeeping businesses and provided farmers in Indonesia with 60 days of regenerative training. In these sessions, they learnt valuable techniques like crop rotation and the significance of using organic fertilisers and pesticides.

Relief efforts in Hawaii and Morocco

We also believe that it’s our mission to help global communities impacted by natural disasters. In August, we contributed to the emergency relief fund for the Hawaii wildfires. Likewise, in September, we supported the emergency relief fund for the Morocco earthquake. These donations played a crucial role in helping both communities rebuild and recover in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Committed to making a real impact

Here at Fullers, we’re focused on creating an impact that goes far beyond financial support. We want to empower communities, contribute to a sustainable environment and support entrepreneurship.

As we reflect on our commitment to the SDGs, we want to thank you - our fantastic clients. Your support has been a driving force in enabling us to fulfil our commitment to positive global change and make strides towards a future that's fairer and more empowering for everyone.

We look forward to continuing to work with you to support various global initiatives that can truly make a difference.

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