Fullers’ international fulfilment achieves growth and volume for a major global haircare brand

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Fullers’ international fulfilment achieves growth and volume for a major global haircare brand

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For many consumers, you can’t beat a good hair day, it seems. In fact, the international haircare industry appears to have turned into a voluminous bouffant! By 2024, this sector is expected to be worth around £78 billion worldwide.

The impact of social media has seen the demand for hair products, tools and accessories grow from pixie cut proportions into a long, flowing mane of that would be the envy of Rapunzel herself – but this is no fairytale. Haircare brands across the world are enjoying real success.

Promotion and endorsement of haircare items by influencers on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram has proved to be a driving force in the growth of ecommerce hair care brands. Not only are hair care products getting more exposure, but the variety of new products are also evolving all the time…

Forget a basic wash and go, these days scalp care, hair vitamin gummies, chemical-free colour and an array of hair styling tools (some with an engineering backstory to rival that of a car) are all going mainstream.

High quality fulfilment is the essential, finishing touch to the haircare customer journey

Social media platforms allow hair product companies to launch marketing campaigns, track reviews and gather feedback – connecting them with customers in a variety of meaningful and valuable ways.

That priceless relationship built between every haircare brand and its target audience depends on high quality fulfilment to maintain a healthy customer journey; all the way up to the point of delivery – and beyond.

After a customer has eyed-up a new shampoo, conditioner, serum or spray online, combed through the reviews, watched their favourite influencer demo its effects, and finally hit ‘buy now’ – imagine how disappointing it will be if that haircare item arrives in less-than-wow packaging, late, or even worse, leaking or otherwise damaged?

Making high quality fulfilment an afterthought for your hair care brand is like having a haircut by a top celebrity hairdresser and forgoing the blow dry and finish. The result just won’t be as impressive as it could be.

Fullers Fulfilment and Toni & Guy – perfect haircare fulfilment partners

Fullers Fulfilment is an experienced haircare fulfilment provider with one of the biggest names in global hair care in our client portfolio, Toni & Guy.

In 1963, just a couple of years after Fullers Fulfilment itself was set up, Toni Mascolo and his brother Guy opened their first salon in London. By the 1980s, they had expanded their business with the TIGI range of haircare products and the Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy.

Today, there are 457 Toni & Guy salons in 41 countries, as well as their ecommerce store, which sells Toni & Guy products as well as items by other iconic hair brands including Olaplex, GHD, Kérastase, L'Oréal Professionnel and Moroccan Oil.

We are extremely proud to store, pick, pack and dispatch orders for Toni & Guy, for their B2B and D2C business portfolios.

PHOTO-2023-09-13-17-46-05.jpg The Fullers Fulfilment team sending out the first Toni & Guy parcel 

What Toni & Guy love about Fullers’ haircare fulfilment services

Toni & Guy is a haircare brand that’s well-established around the world. They decided to outsource their fulfilment to us because they wanted dependable, highly experienced fulfilment experts using the latest technology to create maximum speed and efficiency.

Partnering with Fullers means their orders despatch the same day, plus they don’t have to hire people to create shipping labels and record the tracking numbers back to the system, as this is taken care of by Mintsoft, our sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS).

We are also able to better facilitate their overseas shipment, taking care of all the processes required for international orders.

Fullers’ hair care fulfilment - the benefits

As with all our other hair and beauty fulfilment clients, Toni & Guy know they can count on our knowledgeable fulfilment team for:

  • Ultra-hygienic, secure and scalable warehousing solutions
  • Specialist storage facilities that keep haircare products at the right temperature, light, and moisture levels
  • Automatic, speedy pick, pack and dispatch, same day for next day delivery
  • Sourcing and implementation of packaging options to suit the brand and avoid leaks and damage
  • Personalisation e.g. packaging, customer communications, promotional material, samples
  • International hair care fulfilment – all customs documentation taken care of by us
  • Better rates from a worldwide network of trusted couriers
  • Proactive parcel tracking thanks to our Follow My Parcel software
  • Full systems integration and automations - allowing real-time inventory tracking vital business insights
  • Careful zoning, batching and rotation of stock to avoid unnecessary waste
  • Returns processing

Two heritage brands evolve into the future of haircare ecommerce, together

Throughout the years of 1960’s beehives and pompadours, to the ‘Edgars’ and ‘Bixies’ of today; both Toni & Guy and Fullers have experienced major evolution in our respective fields during the many decades we’ve been in business.

That evolution is more exciting in 2023 as it has ever been - so we’re delighted to finally be working together.

As Toni & Guy continues to develop new products and grow their brand among a wider global audience via social media, Fullers continuously expands our fulfilment capabilities with the latest technology.

Toni & Guy are masters in the world of hair, and Fullers Fulfilment are masters in the world of fulfilment. As we see it, we go together like a brush and comb.

Fed up of bad haircare fulfilment days? Ready for a top-quality international fulfilment solution with some extra style? Outsource your global fulfilment to Fullers and benefit from a variety of end-to-end multi-channel fulfilment services with flexible contracts. Contact us about your haircare commerce fulfilment requirements today.

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