Boxing and unboxing: It’s not just what’s inside that counts

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Boxing and unboxing: It’s not just what’s inside that counts

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Just in case you’re not familiar with the ‘unboxing’ phenomenon, let us unpack it for you…

Unboxing videos involve social media stars trying to capture on film the experience of opening a new package and getting the first look at what’s inside. These influencers communicate every stage of this ‘unboxing’ to their YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram followers through a running commentary, often as part of a product or brand review.

The power of packaging

Social media’s ubiquitous presence in popular culture has made influencers – and the videos they create – one of the most powerful forms of product promotion and brand storytelling tools available in the world today.

Typically, the video will describe in detail the external and internal packaging, as well as the product itself.

So, packaging is no longer just an afterthought! Big brands such as Nike, Apple and Samsung now invest in unboxing campaigns as an integral part of their marketing strategy.

For example, when Apple released their AirPods Pro in 2019, they approached Justine Ezarik – a tech and gaming influencer with 6.57 million subscribers and face of the iJustine YouTube Channel to create an unboxing video for Apple that displayed the step-by-step process of using the product and making it work.

Smaller, newer brands can benefit from focusing energy and budget on getting unboxing video coverage too, perhaps even more than big brands because it:

  • cultivates brand identity
  • gets your products noticed
  • increases shareability and widens your audience reach
  • builds confidence in your brand by association

Unboxing videos are particularly successful for beauty brands, due to the trusted opinions of vloggers such as Zoella (who has a whopping 11 million You Tube subscribers) and Caroline Hirons.

Thinking beyond the practical basics

When you outsource your fulfilment to Fullers Logistics, first and foremost we’ll work closely with you to find packaging solutions that meet your practical requirements. With many years’ experience in the business, we understand all the ways in which the storage, picking, packing, and transit of your product might affect its safety and quality.

Our network of packaging suppliers – and specialist couriers - is huge, so we’ll find the right packaging solution and carrier for your product. For example, check out this eco-friendly yet super-robust cardboard sleeve that we used for a luxury champagne client.

However, we’ll also encourage and inspire you to think creatively about packaging that doesn’t just get your product from A to B in one piece, but leaves a lasting impression on your customer, too (…and increases your chances of achieving that priceless unboxing coverage!).

Infinite packaging possibility

Ok, so you know you need to step up your packaging game and think outside the box. But where do you start?

At Fullers, we work with all our clients to select, source and utilise packaging that is 100% fit for purpose, but also has the extra appeal that customers have come to expect when they receive a parcel.

The right packaging will tell your brand story. What mood are you trying to create for your customer when that order arrives at their door? Sophistication? Fun? Indulgence? Whatever it is, your eco-friendly credentials will always be important, too.

Here are just a few of the packaging options Fuller can offer you – and why they’re effective:

  • custom interior packaging – puts your stamp on the experience
  • tote bags and pouches – branded reusable items keep your company name on their mind for the future
  • free samples – use this opportunity to link sell!
  • complimentary gifts – unexpected touches are memorable
  • coupons - encourage people to shop with you again
  • flyers - promote related products, or incentivise social media shares with a competition hashtag
  • personalised notes (we can even handwrite them for you) – validate their purchase with your appreciation
  • returns labels and returns packaging – because complicated returns are a major customer turn-off

All product industries can benefit

There’s really no limit to what we can achieve for you when it comes to packaging and fulfilment. Our expert team works with SMEs across all sectors; storing, picking, packing and dispatching all kinds of products, ranging from organic oral hygiene products to premium pet food, ayurvedic haircare to equestrian fashion, baking ingredients to trumpets, and many others.

We actively encourage the businesses we work with to request that their customers film their unboxing for social media, so that they get maximum ROI on their careful packaging investment.

Are you ready to enhance your customer experience, encourage influencers to promote your product on social media, increase brand exposure, and keep shoppers coming back?

Fullers Logistics is an end-to-end multi-channel fulfilment service based in Hampshire and Berkshire. To talk to us about your fulfilment and packaging requirements, contact us by filling out our contact form.

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