Achieve ecommerce excellence with the power of post-purchase communications

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Achieve ecommerce excellence with the power of post-purchase communications

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In the competitive and dynamic world of ecommerce, sustained success depends on customer satisfaction at every stage of the buying journey. That journey begins when the customer first hears about a brand or product - and certainly does not end when they click ‘buy now’.

Smart ecommerce retailers recognise the crucial role of post-purchase communications in enhancing the customer experience, from start to finish.

What are post-purchase communications?

Post-purchase communication refers to the interactions and messages that occur between a business and its customers after a purchase has been made.

It's a pivotal part of the customer journey, aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction and building lasting relationships.

Why parcel tracking matters in post-purchase communications

In the age of instant gratification, customers demand transparency and real-time updates on their orders. When customers can effortlessly track their parcels and receive timely updates, it builds confidence in the brand's reliability.

Satisfied customers are more likely to leave favourable reviews, creating a positive feedback loop that attracts more shoppers and encourages repeat business.

Creating an outstanding post-purchase experience is a complex operation

Traditional, standard post-purchase communication includes various elements such as:

  • Order confirmation: Immediately after a purchase, customers typically receive an order confirmation email or message, which serves to acknowledge their order and provide a summary of the purchase details
  • Shipping and delivery updates: Customers expect to be informed about the progress of their order. Regular updates on the order's status, tracking information, and estimated delivery dates help manage expectations and reduce uncertainty

Yet, a truly elevated post-purchase communications go beyond the basics…

Customers expect more than just standard order and shipping updates these days

Chances are, your competitors are using the post-purchase part of the buyer journey to add some sparkle, forge bonds and stand out – so you need to think about extra efforts too, such as:

  • Issue resolution: In case of problems like delayed shipments, damaged items, or order discrepancies, post-purchase communication involves addressing these issues promptly, providing solutions, and ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Feedback and reviews: Post-purchase communication provides a golden opportunity to seek feedback from customers after they've ordered and/or received their purchase. This can involve surveys, requests for reviews and ratings, or other forms of feedback collection to improve the customer experience – and help you improve your products and service
  • Cross-selling and upselling: Post-purchase communications can be used to recommend additional or complementary products or services to customers, potentially increasing sales and customer lifetime value

Trying to achieve all this in-house, without the right technology and expertise, is not easy or cost-effective for most ecommerce businesses

By outsourcing your fulfilment to an external partner, such as Fullers Fulfilment, your ecommerce business reaps the benefits of our fulfilment expertise - and the latest innovations in post-purchase technology.

Fullers Fulfilment is delighted to be able to offer our customers the benefits of our new streamlined shipping visibility solution, Follow My Parcel. It utilises the latest fulfilment technology to help us ensure every parcel reaches the customer when it should.

It’s an important tool that will facilitate better post-purchase communications for your commerce brand.

More about Follow My Parcel...

Follow My Parcel from Fullers Fulfilment integrates a variety of systems. It uses fulfilment innovation favoured by major brands to help us ensure every one of your parcels gets to the customer on time - and to create a seamless post-purchase customer experience.

With Follow My Parcel, we have the power to go above and beyond for your ecommerce business. It doesn’t just track parcels; it enables us to proactively run checks every day to catch any parcel dispatch issues promptly.

Our customer service team will manage parcel tracking closely to avoid a poor customer experience due to unsynchronised or altered tracking details, barcodes incorrectly scanned by the carrier, or delays/losses due to weather, customs, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Choose from Standard or Premium options and we’ll integrate Follow My Parcel into your fulfilment arrangement with Fullers for as little as 5p per order for our Standard service.

Our Premium service unlocks the engagement opportunities hidden in shipment and delivery notifications, to drive future sales

Upgrade to Follow My Parcel Premium for 10p per order, and send your own, personalised shipping notifications linked to a bespoke landing page.

These will allow your business to customise hyper relevant post-purchase communications content for your brand, to be delivered on the platforms that your customers use; email, SMS, chatbot, or messenger.

Extra features can also be added, such as ads or promo. Your customers can receive shipment updates, with the option to have them branded to look like they’ve come directly from your store.

So, Follow My Parcel is not just about tracking parcels; it's about creating a premium, tailored experience that leaves a lasting impression on customers and sets your brand apart in a crowded ecommerce landscape.

Follow My Parcel facilitates exceptional customer service, to help win five-star reviews and keep your ecommerce business growing and thriving.

Let’s talk about how Fullers Fulfilment can help you achieve ecommerce excellence with the power of post-purchase communications, facilitated by Follow My Parcel. Get in touch with us to discover more about our end-to-end, multichannel fulfilment solutions across the UK.

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