Expansion plans: how the right fulfilment partner can boost success

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Expansion plans: how the right fulfilment partner can boost success

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Global expansion. The goal for many ecommerce brands. Moving into new markets, especially when customers are based in other countries, is not without its challenges. Of all the things to consider – defining your target market, understanding the regulations and compliance issues, ensuring brand continuity and an efficient customer journey – finding a trusted fulfilment partner is most likely near the top of the list.

The right fulfilment partner has an established logistics network, the facilities to house your products – like perishables or fragile items – and the appropriate expertise to ensure your new customers receive the consistent quality service that your brand is known for.

That is a lot for a fulfilment partner to take on – or is it?

At Fullers Fulfilment we have been helping ecommerce brands expand their footprints in the UK for the last decade offering tailor-made, flexible services. The reason for our success? There are several.

A wealth of know-how and experience

Fullers Fulfilment has been in business for more than 60 years, providing end-to-end, multi-channel fulfilment services, with the last decade ocused on delivering streamlined solutions to ecommerce brands.

We have three modern warehouse facilities strategically positioned across the south of the UK (Hampshire, Warwickshire, Berkshire). Apart from the physical facilities within each warehouse – often including specially designed storage areas based on customer needs – we operate state-of-the-art technology solutions that bring added efficiency and accuracy to the fulfilment process. Our warehouse management solution, for example, integrates with a host of ecommerce platforms meaning you have access to all the data you need to manage your expansion strategy, including stock levels, shopping trends and returns information.

Within each of our sites is a professional team of warehouse with specialised training to deal with products of all kinds, from fragile and bulky items to perishable goods. They are experts in storage, picking and packing, while our dedicated customer service staff are equally expert in solving problems and offering the highest levels of support.

Customer expectations

In the UK, online shopping has come a long way since pre-internet 1984 when a pensioner from Gateshead in the UK used her TV remote to order groceries via videotex. Now, forty years later, customers’ expectations of online shopping have risen as the practice has evolved. Endless choice, same-day delivery, next-day delivery, quick and easy returns, are just some of those expectations. Your fulfilment partner needs to have both the understanding of these expectations, as well as the resources to deliver on your brand promise.

At Fullers, we have been helping brands (both international brands expanding their horizons and prestigious UK brands) meet their customer expectations. This extends beyond the picking, packing and dispatch of goods, and includes additional services such as stock preparation, updating packaging for promotions, personalised packing, and rebranding.

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Navigating the local landscape

Fullers works with our customers to develop a logistics strategy that perfectly meets their needs, helping them through challenges around the logistics and regulations of new markets. Our team counts a number of international brands as customers, customers we have helped expand their footprints in the UK – including Danish pet food brand Essential Foods, Finnish beauty company Lumene, and Australian beauty brand Mecca.

Essential Foods, for example, was experiencing challenges in serving their UK-based customers as a result of Brexit. We provided a comprehensive fulfilment solution – including account management and integration of ecommerce software. The result? A 700% increase in monthly orders.

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How can we help you?

If you are looking to move into the UK ecommerce market, or would like to strengthen your foothold, you definitely need a strong fulfilment partner. Fullers Fulfilment can be that partner – we have the experience, expertise and resources to help your brand expand. To find out more about our capabilities, have a look at our website, or get in touch for a chat.

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