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Neolife Wellness

Carbon footprint reduction calls for a UK fulfilment provider

Fullers Fulfilment

Carbon footprint reduction calls for a UK fulfilment provider

Neolife’s optimum wellness philosophy extends to the health of the planet. They sought an established UK fulfilment company to store, pick and pack their products for distribution to customers in Britain and Ireland – one with a heritage to match their own 60 year-strong reputation for excellence

The key driver behind this move was to reduce their carbon footprint whilst expediating delivery timescales for ecommerce orders. These orders were previously dispatched from a warehouse in Sweden – which added both air miles and time to their fulfilment process

A strategic partnership with Fullers’ experts creates efficiency

Fullers was chosen by Neolife as their UK fulfilment partner, to fulfil a steady stream of orders from the UK & Ireland on the same day. Our experienced team deploys our regional logistics knowledge to manage order lead times more successfully, gratifying customer demand for next day delivery

Orders come in 2-3 times a day via CSV file upload, and we pick and dispatch those orders on the same day. Systems sync in a way that means Neolife have full visibility of stock at all times

As our client portfolio includes other personal care and household brands, we use the specialist expertise needed to handle the warehousing and fulfilment of health, beauty, wellbeing, and hygiene products


Careful storage against strict criteria

We receive Neolife’s stock from Sweden on pallets and then store them carefully within our smart and secure shelving system

The product range includes items with diverse storage criteria, for example vitamins as well as cleaning products. We warehouse items compatibly, with respect for both safety and hygiene measures. Chemicals are kept separate from other products

Bespoke packaging for fragile goods

Some products are fragile, often combined with a liquid format. We have introduced a different way of packaging their products to make sure they’re kept in prime condition from end-to-end on their journey to the customer

Neolife-branded packaging and tape is combined with our bespoke, ultra-secure packaging solutions, created for them by our experts

Fragile goods are pre-wrapped in bubble-wrap, and kits and bundles are prepared in advance by our warehouse team, so that fulfilment timescales are kept to the absolute minimum – but product quality is never compromised

Working with Fullers elevates the customer experience for Neolife’s UK & Ireland customer base

By making Fullers their fulfilment partner, Neolife now enjoys the following benefits:

  • British and Irish customers are receiving their Neolife products faster than ever before, enhancing the customer experience and encouraging repeat business
  • The environmental impact of Neolife’s shipping process has reduced, complementing their eco-friendly brand identity
  • Using our trusted network of couriers across the UK and Ireland saves Neolife the difficulty and uncertainty of trying to manage this themselves from overseas

Neolife lab

Positive outcomes and future prospects

The strategic partnership between Fullers and Neolife not only meets immediate fulfilment needs but also positions Neolife for sustainable growth. The seamless integration of logistics solutions enhances operational efficiency, contributing to Neolife's commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility


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